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An institution’s performance cannot be sustainable if the institution compromises business ethics and has poor corporate governance. Strategies that ensure best practice and good corporate governance will always translate into sustainable high performance.

According to Zukang “Good governance, rule of law and an accountable and transparent public administration are regarded as key to the realization of sustained economic growth, equity and social justice”   —  Sha Zukang

Under -Sec-Gen, Economic and Social Affairs, UN, Jun’08

There is often a deep desire by many institutions to be validated as “sustainable high performance organization with world-class best practice and good corporate governance”. Yet, there continues to be a big gap between the status quo and the desired position. Unless this gap is closed and there is an objective evidence of this closure, the desire continues to be nothing but a dream.

TDI, through its research and development team and its strategic partners, develops\implements assessment tools that help institutions evaluate their corporate governance practices and establish their gaps. TDI extends its solutions by developing suites of training programs and world-class best practices that help organizations fill these gaps. TDI delivers encompassing solutions to institutions that include implementation of best practice and good corporate governance principles that transform the institution into a sustainable high performance institution. Our effective corporate governance frameworks address issues of organizational efficiency (to accomplish objectives), effectiveness (to offer sustainable solution), accountability (to take ownership with appropriate feedback), transparency (objective proof of compliance) and responsiveness (standing up to the call)

TDI is in the process of developing internationally acceptable certifications that would offer third party evidence that an institution has gotten the right corporate governance principles in place and thus act as an indicator that validate the governance practices of the institution. It is hoped that this certification would be especially useful to the government, NGOs and other institutions that solicit funding from international donors or organizations that want to gain international reputation.

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